Media Communication Training

The Power of Communication


Communication should not be so much of an enigma, but there is a secret code and we would like to show you how you can crack it.  


With our in-house BBC broadcasting experts and respected Journalists, at Evenlode Films and Production Studios, we provide professionals and spokespeople with expert training on how to navigate the world of media communication for those who would like to feel more confident talking to people on camera, radio, podcasts, presentations and more.

With over 20 years of experience and skill, unlike other training organisations, we carry out training in our Montpellier Film and Production Studios, so that you will have the most realistic experience of being under the media spotlight and performing under pressure.  If clients prefer to receive training in their own location, we can arrange training on site for your convenience.  

Benefits of Media Communication Training


We help spokespeople just like you to be:

  • confident, articulate and credible speakers

  • clear about what journalists are looking for and how the media works

  • adept at handling hostile or probing interviews

  • more able to take control of difficult interviews

  • convincing on camera

  • interesting and impactful to listen to on radio or podcasts


We will take the fear out of media communication which will help you to present yourself and services to the highest quality. Our packages are tailored to your needs which means that you will receive the exact training that you need, without wasting time on unnecessary information.

Training examples and ideas

  • Hostile interview practice

  • Media interview essentials

  • TV interviews

  • Talking to camera and autocue

  • Press conferences