• by Catherine Mountain

Filming at DEZAC - Production / Distribution for Health, Wellness, Fitness brands including Rio, Aer

We began filming today at one of DEZAC's production and distribution factories in the Forest of Dean, UK. DEZAC'S brands include: Rio, Salon Essentials, Aeropilates, Bodi-Tek and HOVER-X. What an experience!

The DEZAC building is far from your usual dour factory, it truly is an inspiring environment to work, aesthetically designed to sit within the woodland of the Forest.

Like the Rio product, the building's colour scheme is grey, purple and pink throughout (wow!). I imagine it will look amazing in bluebell season!

Inside, there are curves and swirls of stairs and beams which give the feeling of flow. There are decked wooden floors and internal and external balconies for workers to eat lunch and of course, enjoy the wonderful view. I'm not surprised the workers were smiling!

Outside, the roof has an aeronautical feel about it with swept wings sheltering the balconies, which are rooted to trunks of pink. There are huge sheets of glass at the entrance and sides of the factory reflecting the surrounding ponds and fountains and of course, the forest. Everyone has a window view of some kind!

It is really an awesome place, but then it's not really surprising because DEZAC's products are far from bland.

Article by Catherine Mountain

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Having worked with Tim, Catherine and their team over the past 3 years I couldn't recommend them highly enough. This year's product launch conception, planning and execution at the Detectival outdoor event went beyond the scope of the brief and they provided additional ideas for content and creating an experience around the event that was well received and brilliantly executed. They really think about how much can be gained from the investment that is made in time and money by their clients and work as hard as they can to deliver the optimum. Looking forward to working with them again in the future.

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