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  • Catherine Mountain - Evenlode Films

New Studio and Edit Suite

News ! We've moved. Evenlode Films have relocated to our new studios in Montpellier, Cheltenham. Our clever artists creating a unique entrance to the studios.

News !  We've moved.  Evenlode Films have relocated to our new studios in Montpellier, Cheltenham.

Filming started the weekend we moved into this great location, where we filmed and produced three amazing films for GDASS to support their incredible work. But that's what we do. Evenlode Films - we just get on with doing what we love.

Evenlode Films and Production - Studios Montpellier Cheltenham

Evenlode Films and Production - In our Studios Cheltenham - On set -  3 Shorts for GDASS

Mark Lester - Famous for Oliver Twist, Prince and a Pauper, Black Beauty ... and his friendship with Michael Jackson. He was excellent on set and a great actor. Recent Evenlode Films - GDASS where he played Dr Attlee and the Soldier from WW1 Cheltenham Remembers video projection mapping that reached crowds in their thousands and went viral on social media.

Mark Lester in the studio with Evenlode Films

Tim Mountain with the cast and crew on set in our Montpellier Film Studios.

On set - Evenlode Films and Productions - Cast and Crew for three shorts

We've been causing a bit of stir in Cheltenham - Our Director Tim Mountain out with the lens.

Tim Mountain of Evenlode Films and Productions - causing a bit of a stir in Montpellier outside John Gordon's

If you're sitting in The Ivy, have a look through the window - and hey, you've found us.

Evenlode Films and Productions - The studios as viewed  from The Ivy

And from Evenlode Films heading towards The Ivy and it's beautiful Rotunda

Here we are - Glendale House, 11 Montpellier Terrace, Lower Ground, Montpellier, Cheltenham UK -

Evenlode Films and Productions.  Our new studios in Montpellier, Cheltenham.


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