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A Maid's Life

A day in the life of Gustav Holst's Maid, Julia Giles.

This is a story of a woman's life as a maid living in the Holst Birthplace Victorian House in Cheltenham.  The woman was Julia Giles and this short film describes her daily life.  It shows the hardship of her daily life, and introduces the diaries and stories surrounding some of the young Gustav's life.  The film has won many prestigious awards in the States and was a groundbreaking way to showcase artifacts from what is now a museum.  This film was part of two, which were commissioned by the Holst Birthplace Museum to celebrate the rebranding and opening of their new Holst Victorian Museum.  The second film, 'A House in Time Unlocked' is a compelling documentary about the many people who lived in the house dating from the 1840s to 1970, when it became a museum.  This documentary style drama has won multiple awards through ought the world and is a testament to Laura Kinnear, narrator and curator at the museum.

The music (with the exception of Holst's original works) was created by Composer Tim Mountain, who has written many scores for theatres, TV, Radio and Film.  He is the cEO at Evenlode Films.



Previously 'the Holst Birthplace', this museum is filled with incredible artefacts from the Victorian Era.  These were showcased creatively by the Evenlode Films Production team using a drama-documentary style film.  A Maid's Life and A House in Time Unlocked, have won many industry film awards, from Vegas to Tokyo.  Take a look a our news page and search for documentary to find out more. Evenlode Films are a leading video production service from a BBC Broadcasting industry.  We are specialists in creating drama documentaries.

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