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Donate the Rebate


Film solutins for the charity sector

Film solutions for Charities


TV, Web, Social

Capture the attention of your digital audience with compelling web commercials. Our cinematic approach intertwines your product or service's features with a compelling story, designed to convert viewers into customers and amplify your online presence


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Web and TV commercials and campaigns are crucial for charities as they increase visibility, convey impactful stories, drive fundraising efforts, and build brand recognition.


Social impact films

and videos

Project the essence of your corporation into a visual identity with cinematic branding videos. Show your audience the core values and culture that define the distinct personality of your corporation, leaving a lasting impression that aligns with your strategic vision.

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Social Impact Report Videos: Assist charities in producing videos that showcase their social impact, achievements, and outcomes to stakeholders, donors, and the general public.


People, Testimonials, Training

Sharing heartfelt experiences for the positive impact a charity has made in their lives or communities. With powerful story-telling we highlight real stories and testimonials that show the transformative power of your work. Our films have a deeper connection between your audience and your cause.

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Films featuring people  evoke deep emotional connections, authenticity, and relatability with viewers. Showcasing real stories, inspire empathy,  understanding, and  social change.


Promotion, Fundraising, Projection-mapping

Boost your charity’s fundraising initiatives with our expertly produced videos and events. Creating emotional narratives that not only touch the heart but also encourage philanthropy and spark contributions. We communicate your charity’s vision, inspiring global donor support and making a real difference 

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Events are powerful platforms for engagement, promotion, and building communities.   From fundraising galas to projection-mapping light shows, Events and legacy films have the potential to achieve global reach.

Charity film selection

Training / Drama

Awareness and signposting


GDASS: Domestic Abuse Support Services

"Susan" Coercive control

Web Commercial

Promoting Diversity


Lives of Colour: Diversity and Inclusion for under-represented people


Careers in Cyber Technology

Training / Drama

Awareness and Signposting

GDASS: Domestic Abuse Support Services. 


"Tom and Mark" Same sex abusive relationship


Re-brand campaign


Holst Victorian House Museum

Multi-award-winning documentary short

"A House in Time Unlocked"

Social Impact

Fundraiser film


Cheltenham Communities Partnership

"Donate the Rebate" "#warmcheltenham"


Projection-mapping Events

CBC, NHS Charities, CCG

"They are Remembered"

"NHS Birthday / International Nurses Day"

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