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Maximum exposure with visually impactful content

Animated Video is a FAST growing way to market your brand to help you to really stand out.  Evenlode Films and Productions are producers of 2D and 3D animations, Motion Graphics and Projection Mapping.  Animation is used for Explainer Videos, Branding, Video Marketing Strategy, Communication and Social Media Strategies, Corporate Events, Conferences. 

Types of Animation

It's easy to get lost in information overload when trying to choose the right animation style for your explainer video or video marketing strategy.  With so many different types of animation, Evenlode will help you to navigate through the different animation techniques to help you to find the best solution.  

7 Effective ways to use Animation for your Business

2D Animation

2.5D Animation

3D Animation

Motion Graphics Animation

Whiteboard Animation

Live-Action and Animation

Logo Design and Animation

Learn more about animation styles for your business


About you


If you are a leading edge business who needs a Video Animation Service for Explainer videos, training videos, logo design, motion graphics or installations for corporate events, Evenlode Films will provide you with creative animated video content.  We are leaders in 2D and 3D Animation, producing quality content for your business or event.

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