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About Us

Evenlode Films and Productions, are masters in the art of filmmaking, dedicated to creating high-impact films and productions, that not only retain and attract customers, but also develop and strengthen brand awareness for our clients.

At Evenlode Films, we believe that great content requires both innovative thinking and the latest technology, and our team is passionate about delivering projects that exceed our clients' expectations and provide a secure return on investment.


We are proud of Team Evenlode, on being able to deliver projects with the highest level of creativity and technical expertise. Our unique selling point is our ability to create bespoke, original music for each film, which sets us apart from the competition.

BBC Broadcast industry 

Following a successful decade and a half working for the BBC from the Maida Vale Studios and Broadcasting House in London, Tim Mountain co-founded Evenlode Films and Productions with his wife Catherine in 2012.  

Bringing together Evenlode Productions, dedicated to live events, festivals and creative community shows, with Evenlode Films (Film, Animation, Commercials and 3D Projection-mapping content) meant that we could offer our clients a full service, without having to outsource different elements to different companies.  Managed efficiently in one place, our clients find this service a key asset to the delivery of their marketing objectives.

Meet the Team

Our team is made up of highly creative and innovative individuals who have the technical expertise to deliver your project with ease. We're BBC trained and have three extensive studio suites in the heart of Montpellier, Cheltenham, ensuring that your project is handled and delivered with the utmost care and professionalism.

Meet the team at Evenlode Films and Productions



As a co-founder and director of Evenlode Films, Catherine's professional journey began in theatre and dance, specifically as the Director for Artbreak Theatre Co, producing musical comedy among other projects.

Building upon her extensive experience in the business arena, Catherine transitioned to managing corporate risk for National organizations, honing her skills in relationship management and business management. Currently serving as Executive Producer, Catherine continues to oversee key business operations and foster new client relationships. Her personal interests include piano, horses, and casting.

Meet the team at Evenlode Films and Productions


CAMERA OPERATOR James is a multi skilled camera operator with a speciality for gimbal and steadicam. He has worked with Evenlode since 2019 and brings a real creativity to every shoot.

Meet the team at Evenlode Films and Productions



Jasper is a true creative with an incredible array of skills and achievements. An all rounder he is multitalented whether he’s working on set as a camera operator or in the studio as an editor, motion graphics designer or animator. Jasper has worked on many of our architectural projection mapping projects including the NHS Birthday and award wining, ‘They are Remembered’. In his time away from the studio, Jasper is a talented photographer, working on fashion shoots and e-commerce.

Meet the team at Evenlode Films and Productions



Tim is a visionary CEO, talented Director of Photography, and accomplished Composer. With his vast experience working alongside top-tier industry professionals and A-list talents, Tim stands uniquely positioned as a leader in his field.

Equipped with a blend of creative and technical prowess, Tim is a multi-skilled professional, blending the creative with the technical expertise that you would expect from an award winning production company.  As a filmmaker, BBC trained AV / studio engineer, animator, events producer and composer, Tim is a dynamic key asset to Evenlode and a true genius. 

Meet the team at Evenlode Films and Productions



Felix is our go to for events, special effects and production management. He is a born leader and motivator and all working with him are guaranteed to enjoy their day. His passion is climbing hire wires and has worked extensively in the West End on some of the largest and most famous shows in the world.

Meet the team at Evenlode Films and Productions



Poets, writers and script, these guys bring an artistic flare to language with spoken word, script and poetry as key to their portfolio.

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