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Museums and Historical Buildings

Evenlode Films and Productions together redefine the museum experience, by creating deep connections that compel visitors to share their transformative encounters; bringing more visitors and wider acclaim to museums and historical buildings.


We do this by creating immersive and artistic experiences which change how they feel and think about the museum, event or artefact bringing a new and deeper perspective on the core message that museum is working to convey.

Whether it is a new campaign, a rebrand, a display of artifacts, a historical journey, we bring the arts into a museum experience with the use of drama, strong imagery, cinematic film, animation, visual effects, immersive installations, Projection-mapping events, immersive sound, powerful visuals and strong narrative


Creativity using these tools and combining them with our experience of telling stories through our award winning films, we are able to bring to life the museums artefacts and archives with dramatic content that will resonate and linger with an audience.  


By bringing a real human context to our work, we are able to bring history to life showcasing your artefacts in a unique and compelling way.   This becomes a repository of content that can be shared with visitors to the museum and even wider, to global audiences through a strong marketing campaign. 

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