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Animated Video is a FAST growing way to market your brand to help you to really stand out.  Evenlode Films and Productions are producers of 2D and 3D animations, Motion Graphics and Projection Mapping.  Animation is used for Explainer Videos, Branding, Video Marketing Strategy, Communication and Social Media Strategies, Corporate Events, Conferences. 

Types of Animation

It's easy to get lost in information overload when trying to choose the right animation style for your explainer video or video marketing strategy.  With so many different types of animation, Evenlode will help you to navigate through the different animation techniques to help you to find the best solution.  

6 Effective Types of Animation for your Business

  • 2D Animation

  • 2.5D Animation

  • 3D Animation

  • Motion Graphics Animation

  • Whiteboard Animation

  • Live-Action and Animation

2D Animation

What is 2D Character Animation?

Using 2 dimensional space, this animation style gives the illusion of depth and space using a combination of characters and a scenes to evoke emotions to engage an intended audience in the story.

Benefits of 2D Character Animation  

Great for explainer videos which tell a story of a brand, process or product to attract people to their business.  It draws on the emotions of the intended audience through setting the scene using a powerful narrative.

Example of 2D Animation:  Policy and File Management System

Produced for DOCMOTO, this was an. explainer video with a difference.  'The world was running smoothly...then it happened! Suddenly I'm searching, lost in confusion, files no-where to be found, trying to track their movements!'  The Docmoto Explainer Video was designed for the Legal sector who rely on effective document management systems.  The idea was to evoke an emotion in the viewer, 'lost files' where the problem is solved by the docmoto system.  'Docmoto...the peace of mind you need'

3D Animation


What is 3D Animation?

3D Animation is a high definition, state of the art animation style used to design an immersive experience for the intended audience.  It is designed to take a viewer into a new world using rotating action and zooming into and out of highly visual graphics.  

Benefits of 3D Animation

3D Animation is used for commercial purposes and is particularly liked by high tech industries and for Architectural Projection-mapping events.  It is the most expensive form of animation due to complexity and production times.

Example of 3D Animation:  They Are Remembered

An award winning projection mapping event designed to be projected onto a building in memory of Armistice Day 100 years. The image below is part of a 20 minute immersive experience which uses a variety of 2D and 3D Animation and live action.

2.5 D Animation

What is 2.5D Animation?

2.5D Animation provides a combination of 2D animation and motion graphics which simulate a 3D environment. It is produced by using layers of animation where scenes appear to be 'cut out' and placed on top of each other to create a feeling of depth.  

Benefits of 2.5D Animation

Used for explainer videos and advertising.  The original and engaging graphics provide a unique style for a fraction of the cost of 3D animation, yet offer the audience a 3D experience.

Example of 2.5D Animation:  The Enigma Machine:  

Motion Graphics

What is Motion Graphics

Motion graphics is a combination of 2D character animation and graphics designed to illustrate the message in a visually engaging way.  This style of animation enables the intended audience to synthesise large amounts of data easily as it is exceptionally good at reducing complex information and processes into a manageable form


Why Choose Motion Graphics?

Motion Graphics is Ideal for the technical and medical industries and used to present complex information, products, services or systems in a simple way.

Example of Motion Graphics:  

White Board Animation

What is White Board Animation?

White board animation uses an impression of a white board where black line graphics appear to be drawn by hand to illustrate concepts and systems.  It is designed to have the appearance of a meeting which captures ideas from the group.  It is hugely popular in the Health and Public Sectors.

Why Choose White Board Animation

The most common use of explainer videos used extensively for describing systems and processes.  It is a popular choice for the public sector and used to explain new Services and Governance structures.  It is great for delivering complex messages in a simple and engaging way.  

Example of White Board Animation: Explainer video

Explainer animation using sketch style graphics which explains the CQC's domains in a simple and graphic style.

Live Action Video and Animation


What is Live Action Video and Animation

A combination of live action and animation is often used by the commercial world.  It uses a combination of video footage, motion graphics and animation which interact with the video to strengthen a message to your audience. 

Why Choose Live Action and Animation

Live action and animation adds a real human element to a video and is very often used for testimonial videos which share a message with the audience; or key messages from thought leaders or organisational leads to providing key messages. 

Example of Live Action and Animation Video

i7sense surveillance video and animation was produced for a conference to attract attention about their product and provide an eye catching opportunity for potential clients.  

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Having worked with Tim, Catherine and their team over the past 3 years I couldn't recommend them highly enough. This year's product launch conception, planning and execution at the Detectival outdoor event went beyond the scope of the brief and they provided additional ideas for content and creating an experience around the event that was well received and brilliantly executed. They really think about how much can be gained from the investment that is made in time and money by their clients and work as hard as they can to deliver the optimum. Looking forward to working with them again in the future.

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