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School Videos...

We're always shocked about how many 'mediocre' so called 'promotional' school videos there are out there - and that Schools are willing to accept this.

Now here's a question - does this scenario sound familiar? Someone called a 'videographer' turns up, points a camera, flies a drone, adds some school photographs and then adds some low quality video from a mobile phone. For me, that scores 'zero' for originality.

And the result? The result is usually watchable for about 10 seconds by the families and students who feature in the video, but completely overlooked by the people that you really want to target - those who are actively looking for the ideal school for a young student AND especially, those who you are recruiting from abroad.

That's where we can help. We don't just point a camera and press. We Make AWARD WINNING Films.

Video Case Study 1: Berkhampstead School Consultation To begin the process, we spent time with the Headmaster, Deputy Head and Marketing Manager, discussing the brief and understanding their ideology, target market and the results they wanted from the video. We toured the school, spoke with children and teachers to really capture what was at the heart of Berkhampstead School. There were two clear messages that stood out: "A Firm foundation for life" and "A real sense of family" Pre-Production Storyboarding: "Bringing a concept to life using the art of storytelling using imagery" Inspired by our meeting with the school, and blown away by the way we 'felt' when we visited, we developed our ideas about how we could really capture the 'feeling' of Berky. But a feeling is something intangible and whilst it exists and is real, it cannot be touched. Our aim in producing this film was to bring this feeling to life so that it resonated with their audience. Scripting: "Painting a Picture with words" We worked with our writer to develop a creative narrative designed to bring out the key elements, ethos and values of Berky. We decided not to use rhyme, and carefully sculptured the words to tell the Berky story using metaphor and imagery. Set to music, we recorded two very willing children and the Headmaster Mr Cross at our studios in Montpellier, Cheltenham. This added an authenticity to the school and the feeling of 'nurturing'. Filming It took three days of filming activities in various classrooms and locations throughout the school, plus another two afternoons offsite at sporting fixtures to capture the activities that are unique and those that are traditional at Berkhampstead, including Fencing, cricket, Yoga, Rugby and Netball. Post Production Editing: Berkhampstead is a fee-paying high quality school and so to capture this, we used specific editing and colour grading techniques and created a very cinematic film which was of broadcast standard. Animation and Motion Graphics: We created a fantastic 2D Animation of the School logo, which worked with the words about learning to grow. Music and Sound Effects: The narrative, music, sound effects and visuals are all integral to producing an original film. The music and SFX was composed and produced by our MD and composer Tim Mountain, who captured the singing of some of the young students. We use music and narrative simultaneously as we edit each clip so that the film has a natural rhythm and flow which feels congruent to the eye and evocative to the ear. The Narrative - not only describes what you see, but also dictates what you see. Woven into The Visuals, we create a story often using metaphor rather than explicit description. Each has a rhythm all of its own.

Video Case Study 2: Chosen Hill Secondary School Get in touch to learn more about this video


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