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Christmas Lights

Ah...sweet memories, as we remember two truly magical Christmas Lights Switch on shows in Cheltenham. We may be in bubbles of 6 this year, but over the past two years, there were around 30,000 people who came to our beautiful Regency streets to watch our spectacular Christmas lights switch on shows in 2018 and 2019. Our bubbles were certainly MUCH bigger then, but just take a look at some of the highlights (and legacy videos) from these two, hugely successful shows. However....before you read with every traditional Christmas Pantomime, there's the obligatory song that we all must sing. To help you sing along to the first film... 'This is Christmas!'.

This is Christmas

This time of the year think

Of the hungry and homeless

Good will to all Kin

This is Christmas !

Giving and Friendship

Family’s left with...

Moments to cherish

This is Christmas

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The Scenario ...

A White Witch the size of a 2-story Regency building brought a unique spectacle of the likes never seen before for a Cheltenham Christmas Lights Switch-on event. As our giant lady made her way through town, trying to 'stop Christmas', she was finally overcome by the magic of the lovely Goblins, Dom and Nicky and of course... Father Christmas

Then, the following year, it was Lady G, Spectre C and Mr P who paraded through the town talking to the crowds and trying to help Scrooge to become a 'better person'. This all ended up on stage with Nicky Price and Dominic Cotter from BBC Radio Gloucestershire and a showdown with Mr E. Scrooge.

Here's what some people said,

" I stood amazed at the great spectacle that unfolded before me. Such wonderful ideas woven together" OP

"it was stunning, congratulations on another breathtaking event" AS

"Absolutely fantastic...blown away "BB

"Stunning" GD

Spectre C, Lady G, Mr P - The Three Ghosts

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Evenlode Films and Evenlode Productions - who are we?

We create events, We create videos. We create animation videos. We create projection-mapping light shows. We compose original music and sound that go with all of these things that we produce. (here's a list of our services)

Fundamentally, our hearts, passion and creativity are the foundation of everything we do and even more so when we are creating magical content for our own home town.

All content was totally original. The script, the music and the story. produced, delivered and captured in time by Evenlode Films and Productions. We're a local company, you'll find us in Montpellier, Cheltenham.

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The Three Ghosts: An Original Production by Evenlode Films and Productions

Script Writer:

Catherine Mountain


Dominic Cotter, Nicky Price BBC Radio Gloucestershire

Music Credits:

Composers: Tim Mountain, Dave Jean-Pierre

Choir Director: Rachael Bowen

Choir: Cheltenham Youth Choir


The White Snow Witch: An Original Production by Evenlode Films and Productions

Script Writer:

Catherine Mountain


Dominic Cotter, Nicky Price BBC Radio Gloucestershire

Music Credits:

Composers: Tim Mountain

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Having worked with Tim, Catherine and their team over the past 3 years I couldn't recommend them highly enough. This year's product launch conception, planning and execution at the Detectival outdoor event went beyond the scope of the brief and they provided additional ideas for content and creating an experience around the event that was well received and brilliantly executed. They really think about how much can be gained from the investment that is made in time and money by their clients and work as hard as they can to deliver the optimum. Looking forward to working with them again in the future. (see more reviews)