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NEWS! Film Commercial by Evenlode Films Illustrates the Power of Inclusive Cycling in the Cotswolds

Tomcat, a renowned adaptive trike manufacturer has just released a web commercial produced by Evenlode Films Ltd, a leading UK production company, based in the cotswolds. This visually captivating film embodies a potent spoken word narrative, communicating the empowering message of inclusive cycling accessible to all, regardless of mobility levels.

The commercial, set against the stunning backdrop of the Cotswold canals, beautifully conveys how cycling – often taken for granted by the able-bodied – can be a deeply liberating experience for individuals with limited mobility. Tomcat's innovative trike designs offer the freedom to enjoy cycling, reinforcing that limited mobility should never equate to limited opportunity.

The Cotswold canals, a stunning location known for its tranquil charm and captivating natural beauty, serves as the heartbeat of this pioneering commercial. Emphasising the importance of accessibility in outdoor spaces, the film effectively draws a direct connection between the geographical allure of the Cotswolds and the empowering freedom provided by Tomcat's adaptive trikes.

Stroud district council, being supportive of community initiatives, granted permission for the film production to further champion the cause. This noteworthy collaboration perfectly illustrates the local council's commitment to inclusivity and diverse representation.

The commercial was also shot at the prominent Stonehouse Court Hotel often frequented by tourists for its warm hospitality and breath-taking scenery. The hotel served as a symbolic location, adding to the ethos of leisure, enjoyment, and above all, freedom that are central to the moving narrative of this film.

This engaging web commercial is not just a promotion of Evenlode Films' creative filmmaking abilities or Tomcat's trailblazing trikes. It forms part of a deeper narrative – the drive for inclusivity, the push for freedom in mobility, and the shared vision of improving lives.

Coherence, creativity, and collaboration have woven a compelling story. From the poetic undulations of spoken word by writer JPDL, to the serene Cotswold canals, the inclusive spirit of cycling is celebrated throughout the film. Simultaneously, it pays tribute to the pioneering innovations of Tomcat and the diverse community it continues to support and inspire. This project boldly encapsulates the incredible feats that can be achieved when creativity meets innovation!

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