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Power of Music in Web Commercials: Comparing two very different Manufacturing Industries

We look at two Global manufacturers and our

different approaches to each film.

Introduction to music for your web commercials

In the world of web commercials, the impact of music cannot be overstated. It has the remarkable ability to evoke emotions, set the tone, and create a lasting impression on viewers. When it comes to manufacturing companies, the choice of music becomes even more crucial as it helps convey the brand's values, connect with the target audience, and enhance the overall storytelling experience. At Evenlode Films, we understand the significance of music in crafting compelling web commercials. Let's explore how we approached two distinct manufacturers, Tomcat and i7sense, and why we selected different musical styles to perfectly complement their brand narratives.

Tomcat: Inclusive Innovation Touching Hearts

For Tomcat, a manufacturer of innovative products that empower individuals with low mobility and disabilities, our goal was to create a heartfelt and inclusive web commercial that resonated with their audience. The film revolves around two children using a bespoke chair at school, which helps them feel included and empowers their mobility. To capture the emotional essence of the story, we chose a musical style that was emotive, tender, and uplifting. The music played a crucial role in connecting the viewers with the experiences of the children, allowing them to empathise and appreciate the positive impact of Tomcat's products. Through a voice-over interview style featuring the children, aged 6 and 16, we highlighted their personal accounts of how the Tomcat chair positively transforms their lives. The music we selected enhanced the storytelling, evoking a sense of hope, joy, and inclusivity.

Watch the Tomcat film here:

i7sense: Unleashing Powerful Solutions

In contrast, our approach for i7sense, a manufacturer specialising in cutting-edge surveillance equipment, demanded a different musical style. The objective was to convey a sense of urgency, suspense, and the ability to prevent disasters through their advanced technology. The web commercial showcases a high-stakes scenario where two individuals meet to plot an attack, but thanks to i7sense's surveillance equipment, the special forces are able to track and monitor the situation to avoid a catastrophe. To capture the intensity and fast-paced nature of the narrative, we selected powerful cinematic music that builds tension and underscores the action sequences. The music acts as a driving force, creating an immersive experience for the viewers and highlighting the effectiveness of i7sense's solutions in safeguarding lives and maintaining security.

Watch the i7sense film here:

Conclusion and the power of music

At Evenlode Films, we recognise that the power of music is a vital component in crafting web commercials that leave a lasting impact. By carefully selecting and tailoring the musical style for each manufacturer, we ensure that the essence of their brand and narrative is effectively conveyed. Whether it's the emotive and inclusive music for Tomcat or the powerful and suspenseful music for i7sense, our focus is on creating the perfect atmosphere that engages and captivates the target audience. With our cinematic storytelling approach, complemented by bespoke music composed by our in-house composer, we bring an unmatched level of creativity and expertise to every project. When it comes to web commercials, the right music can make all the difference in capturing attention, stirring emotions, and driving action.

Are you ready to create impactful web commercials that resonate with your audience? Contact Evenlode Films to discover the transformative power of cinematic storytelling accompanied by bespoke music. Together, we can elevate your brand and deliver a compelling message that leaves a lasting impression.

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