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  • Catherine Mountain

Gravity Fields Festival - Cantata Dramatica - Giants of Science - CERN - Hadron Collider !!!

Evenlode Films produced a short promotional film for the Cantata Dramatica, a not for profit organisation, famous for their unique musical works and Libretto.

Their latest works, ‘Cantata Eliensis' tells the story of the building of Ely’s great Cathedral over a period of hundreds of years. The performance was held at St Wulfram’s Church in Grantham..

In our film, Composers, Anna Krause and Louis Mander describe the process of writing the scenes of the libretto, keeping in mind the style and time of the period. (The very long period of more than four hundred years )!

Gravity Fields Science and Arts 2015 - Giants !

The film shows the exciting scenes from the festival, including the ‘Giants of Science’ parade and a really spectacular 15 minute video mapping light show, as a rocket is propelled into space from St Wulfram’s Church! The Video mapping - it’s just incredible.

The same Church was the host for many science events and talks, with hands on demonstrations and discussions about the world’s greatest science contributions.

CERN LIVE was just incredible - We installed a live link up with CERN and projected real-time film onto a 10 ft screen. It was mind-blowing to talk to the science geniuses at CERN about the largest and most powerful particle collider ever, the Hadron Collider. Ironic, talking about the ‘God Particle’ in the Church. I must say they were a very friendly Church and very progressive ! (Thanks for pizza and wine after the show)

We love producing large events and when we’re not producing, we love to FILM and Score music ! Have a little look at our gallery below.

Catherine Mountain

Special thanks to the Gravity Fields Team and Rosa.

Article by Catherine Mountain, Evenlode Films and Productions. Please do connect via linked by clicking on the photo, alternatively to find out more please email me at

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