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Awards 'Dracula' Trailer - Evenlode Films

"Dracula, Welcome to D's" is getting a fantastic response in the Film Industry Awards Across the Globe.

The trailer, the 90 minute film and the Music for Dracula was created by Composer and Film Director Tim Mountain, our CEO of Evenlode Films and Productions.

A re-imagining of the classic vampire fantasy, and inspired by Bram Stoker's novel, this is the story is of Dracula who lives in a Cabaret Club. With dancing Vampires, steam punk and burlesque costumes, this film is totally captivating.


Best Film Score Soundtrack

(Follow this link for more information about the music of Tim Mountain)

Specially Selected

Best Trailer / Teaser

Best Original Score


Watch the Trailer of Dracula

The Original Score was composed by Tim Mountain

Watch the full films

Dracula: ACT 1 : Evenlode Films and Productions

Dracula Act 2 Evenlode Films and Productions


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