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Film Shorts "An Open Paradox"

"An Open Paradox", is an experimental short, conceived and Director byTim Mountain and written by George Cooper.

"I live in a world where

mankind defines the freedom of the birds flying

I live in a world where

vain trying is carried out by the blind

I live in a world where

spirit reminds us of dull dying.

I live in a world where

artistic expression is morale confine

hedonistic confession is divine

uninspired depression is the authentic endline.

mirrors are sober and reflection profound

novels are drunk and false hope abound

originality is finite to the pound.

the carnival of this world

will never be understood

but with imagination afoot,

let yourself look.

Entries to Film Industry Awards

The Film has been entered into the following awards:

Indie Short Fest

Independent Film Awards

Vegas Film Shorts

Oniros Film Awards


Oniros Film Awards ... Quarter Finalists

Vegas Movie Awards...Special Selection


Director...Tim Mountain

Writer...George Cooper

Producer...Catherine Mountain

Narrator...Sirena Riley

Cinematography and Post Production...Tim Mountain

Executive Producers: Evenlode Films and Productions

Stills from the film

Watch 'An Open Paradox' by Director Tim Mountain

An open paradox,


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