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  • Catherine Mountain

Evenlode Films' Approach to Showcasing Innovative Products

In the world of product manufacturing, there is often a need to capture the essence and functionality of a product through visual media. Evenlode Films, a renowned film production company, has gained a reputation for their unique and creative approach to filming product demos. Rather than simply presenting a dry demonstration, they craft compelling stories that showcase the benefits and impact of their clients' products. This article takes a closer look at two examples: the captivating story of the Holst Victorian House Museum and the transformative experiences brought to life by Tomcat's trikes and chairs.

Holst Victorian House Museum: Unveiling History Through Film

When the Holst Victorian House Museum approached Evenlode Films, they sought to capture the beauty and historical significance of their artifacts. Instead of a conventional product demo, Evenlode Films took an imaginative approach, creating a film that unfolded a narrative through the eyes of a maid. The film showcased the maid's daily life and her interactions with various objects, including a monkey mold and items from the 17-1800s in England when Holst resided there.

By intertwining drama and history, Evenlode Films brought the artifacts to life, evoking emotions and giving viewers a sense of the rich history surrounding them. The film has been so well-received that it is now a permanent feature in the museum and has garnered recognition, winning multiple film industry awards in the United States.

Tomcat: Beyond Product Demos, Stories of Transformation

When Tomcat, a renowned manufacturer of innovative trikes and chairs, enlisted Evenlode Films' services, their initial request was to create product demonstration videos. However, Evenlode Films saw an opportunity to go beyond the conventional and delve into the transformative power of Tomcat's products.

Instead of focusing solely on the technical aspects, Evenlode Films crafted two emotionally charged films that depicted how the bikes and chairs profoundly impacted the lives of their users. In one film, the story revolved around a trike and showcased how it provided freedom and inclusivity for individuals with disabilities. Using a documentary-style approach with emotive music and a powerful voice-over, Evenlode Films captured the joy and liberation that these products brought to the users.

The second film centered on Tomcat's chair and how it positively affected children with dwarfism. By highlighting personal stories and the impact on their daily lives, Evenlode Films illustrated how the chair alleviated pain and empowered the children in school. The film showed the chair as a cool and customizable solution, not only for the children but also for their mother. Each person's unique needs were taken into account during the design process, further exemplifying Tomcat's commitment to making a difference.


Evenlode Films : a different approach to filming product demo's

Evenlode Films' approach to filming product demos transcends the ordinary, breathing life into the products they showcase. By weaving captivating narratives, evoking emotions, and highlighting the transformative power of their clients' innovations, they create an indelible impact on the audience. Whether it's the Holst Victorian House Museum's historical artifacts or Tomcat's life-changing trikes and chairs, Evenlode Films demonstrates the immense potential of storytelling in capturing the essence of a product and resonating with viewers on a deeper level.


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