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Swimmers of Colour by Evenlode Films and Productions in collaboration with Lives of Colour

A Joyful Journey to Overcoming Barriers

Welcome to the heartwarming world of "Swimmers of Colour," a one-minute inspirational documentary style commercial that captures the transformative power of swimming in the lives of women of colour. Produced by Evenlode Films in collaboration with the Lives of Colour team, this film is a celebration of joy, resilience, and the triumph of overcoming barriers and featured on the BBC.

The Startling Statistic:

Did you know that 95% of black adults cannot swim? It's a staggering statistic that sheds light on the disparity in swimming abilities among different demographics. In an eye-opening article by Nicole Vassell, the realities and challenges faced by black adults in the realm of swimming are explored, emphasizing the urgent need for change.

Conversations with Florence Nyasamo Thomas:

The journey of creating "Swimmers of Colour" involved insightful conversations with Florence Nyasamo Thomas, a key figure in the Lives of Colour team. Her passion for breaking stereotypes and promoting inclusivity in swimming inspired the narrative of the film. Florence believes that swimming is not just a skill but a life-saving tool, and through this documentary, she hopes to encourage more women of colour to embrace the water with confidence.

An interview with Swimmer Mary

Capturing the Exhilarating Moments:

Filmed at Dean Close School, Cheltenham, "Swimmers of Colour" beautifully captures the exhilarating moments as these incredible women learn to swim. The documentary-style film serves as a testament to the positive impact swimming can have on lives and the empowerment that comes with conquering fears.

A Proud Collaboration:

Evenlode Films and Productions take pride in collaborating with Lives of Colour, a Cheltenham-based charity dedicated to promoting diversity and inclusion in swimming. This partnership highlights a shared commitment to creating content that makes a meaningful difference in the world. By showcasing the creative, bold, and innovative approach in their corporate videos and indie film shorts, Evenlode Films reaffirms their dedication to social impact.

Join the Celebration:

We invite you to join us in celebrating the joy of swimming and the strength found in overcoming barriers. "Swimmers of Colour" is more than just a film; it's a testament to the commitment of Evenlode Films and Productions to contribute positively to society. This uplifting journey invites everyone to recognize the transformative power of swimming and encourages a more inclusive approach to this life-enriching activity.

For more information about the project and the impactful work of Lives of Colour, visit:

In conclusion, "Swimmers of Colour" stands as a beacon of inspiration, urging us all to dive into the depths of change and embrace the freedom and joy that swimming brings.

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Behind the scenes with Evenlode Films and Swimmers of Colour


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