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Film Making - Styles to suit

Comparing Evenlode Films' Filmmaking Style: i7sense, Docmoto, and Tomcat

Choosing the right film production company for your product films is essential to effectively showcase your brand and captivate your audience. In this article, we compare Evenlode Films' unique filmmaking style with three notable examples—i7sense, Docmoto, and Tomcat. By highlighting the similarities and differences, we aim to demonstrate why Evenlode Films stands out as the superior choice for creating compelling and impactful product films.


i7sense approaches product films with a focus on technical precision and product features. They excel in presenting detailed information about the product, highlighting its functionalities, and showcasing its technical aspects. Their films often feature clean visuals and concise explanations, targeting a specific audience that appreciates in-depth knowledge. However, i7sense's approach may lack storytelling elements and fail to engage viewers emotionally.


Docmoto takes a unique approach to product films by combining storytelling, animation, and problem-solving. They understand the challenge of making a document management system interesting to viewers and tackle it creatively. Docmoto's films feature engaging animations that highlight the frustrations faced by the legal fraternity and demonstrate how their solution solves those issues. Their emphasis on storytelling adds an element of entertainment, making the films more relatable and memorable.


Tomcat focuses on showcasing the intricacies and innovations of their products through product demo videos. They highlight the design, functionality, and benefits of their bikes and chairs with precision and detail. Tomcat's product films often feature real-life users, demonstrating how their products improve the lives of individuals with disabilities. While informative, these films may lack a narrative or emotional connection that could further engage the audience.


Why Choose Evenlode Films:

Evenlode Films stands out as the preferred choice for creating product films due to several key factors:

Pushing Boundaries:

Evenlode Films pushes the boundaries of traditional product films by incorporating innovative and creative ideas. Our films go beyond generic demonstrations, capturing attention and leaving a lasting impact on viewers.

Full Consultation Service:

We prioritise understanding our clients' needs, ensuring a collaborative partnership throughout the filmmaking process. Our comprehensive consultation service guarantees that the film aligns with your vision, brand identity, and target audience.

Bespoke Music and Branding:

We provide bespoke music composed by our CEO and Founding Partner, Tim Mountain, ensuring that the soundtrack perfectly complements your brand and enhances the cinematic experience. Our attention to detail in branding sets us apart.

Diverse and Engaging Narratives:

Evenlode Films believes in the power of storytelling to captivate and emotionally connect with the audience. We create films that go beyond simple product demonstrations, crafting narratives that resonate with viewers and make a lasting impression.


Unique approaches to Film Production

While i7sense, Docmoto, and Tomcat each have their unique approaches to product films, Evenlode Films distinguishes itself by pushing boundaries, offering a full consultation service, providing bespoke music, and delivering diverse and engaging narratives. Our focus on creativity, collaboration, and personalisation ensures that your product film stands out, reflects your brand's identity, and captivates your target audience. Choose Evenlode Films for an unmatched filmmaking experience that goes beyond generic product films.


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