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Lustrous Art : Sutton Taylor

Clay Live at the Ashmoleon, Oxford.

Clay live was a project to show the work and lives of eminent potters. We provided films of Sutton Taylor and Mo Jubb, potters in Cornwall and France. Both very different.

Sutton Taylor

The Potter's Enlightenment

How does a potter think.. 'I know .. I'll become a potter'. His story, is of a moment. He told me (off camera), that he was trying to escape one day from school. The only route out was via the basement and the firing area. He said he came across a large, mobile structure that was full of clay waiting to be fired. From that moment on, he knew that he wanted to become a potter. If I recall correctly, he was just 12.

The footage we shot of Sutton is really unique. Unique because Sutton had never been filmed or seen before throwing his clay. Not by any man or beast... We were truly the privileged pair. What a lovely and interesting man, who Using the rocks that nature provides, he produces his art.

We had a fascinating day as we journeyed through Sutton's familiar footpaths and rock faces to find exactly the right rocks and stones that he could grind into a fine powder, which becomes the foundation of his paint. Bags and bags of earthly powder, subsequently stored in the potter's shed.

I was astounded to see how the earthy rubble was transformed into sparkle and shine ! Golds, bronzes.. a beautiful and lustrous Art, from all that nature provides - but how? He did explain the science - do research it. We loved Sutton's work and we loved Sutton. It was truly a privilege. (It was also incredibly cold and windy - by .. I guess that's Lands End for you ! Oh but it was worth it )!

here's a link to the film. The score was composed and produced by our very own Composer Tim Mountain.

for more information on Sutton Taylor - click here

Article by Catherine Mountain, Evenlode Films and Productions Please do connect via linked in here

Catherine Mountain wife of Producer and  Composer Tim Mountain

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