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Awards 'A House in Time Unlocked' by Evenlode Films and Productions

"A House in Time Unlocked" is getting a fantastic response in the Film Industry Awards Across the Globe, including Tokyo

"This house made history"as the Birthplace of the Composer Gustav Holst. He was the most famous person to have lived within these walls and the most renowned to have been born in Cheltenham.

A story is told of a Victorian House, unlocked along with its many inhabitants. We begin in the 1940’s and follow a journey to the 1970’s, when the house was pressed in time as the Holst Victorian House Museum. The Music Soundtrack was composed for the film by English Composer Tim Mountain, with an extract from Gustav Holst's New Years Chorus.

Designed to attract visitors from around the world, this film was commissioned by the Holst Victorian House Museum to help them with their re-brand and launch after the Covid-19 Pandemic.


Best Documentary Short

Best Original Score

Honorary Mentions

Best Documentary Short

Best Original Score

Specially Selected

Best Documentary Short (x2)

Best Original Score (x2)

Watch A House in Time Unlocked

The Original Score was composed by Tim Mountain

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