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Awards 'Tommy' Directed and Produced by Evenlode Films and Productions

"Tommy"is an award winning film short, using spoken word to remember those fallen in WW1. Produced as part of the Armistice 100 years Projection-Mapping Light show event for the BBC.

We recently put this in. for a few awards, and we are delighted to have been selected for some of the more prestigious industry Film awards

Semi-Finalists (Oct 2021)

Best Indie Short

Best Experimental Short

Best Original Screenplay

Best Microfilm

Specially Selected (Sept 2021)

Best Indie Short

Best Experimental Short

Best Original Screenplay

Watch Tommy


Fragile crimson petals, rise from disturbed earth

symbol of a forefathers actions that have earned

a place on your clothing, but also in the memory

of generations living life in traces of their legacy

we learned it in history lessons not necessarily

grasping the gravity of what they must of seen

to think the troops included around 20,000 teens

to think they left so soon engulfed in tinnitus and screams

survivors were subjected to the shell shocked day dreams

bomb blasts peppered them in scars psychologically

thunder of the war machines, unparalleled brutality

forty million casualties, civilian and military

splintered memories adrift in broken testimonies

minds shutting down and blocking out what was perceived

debilitating wounds of war, physically and mentally

from the trench they rose to Armageddon for their country

a fear of feeling fear its self, they couldn't be afraid

facing court marshals and stigma of the shame

some of them were fourteen.. told to be brave

stiff upper lip tommy, common play the game

when tommy went over the top he never was the same

tears are shed for tommy cuz he found a early grave

and we're here to commemorate the sacrifice he made

your name carved in stone tommy, that will never change

so the armistice was signed upon a hundred years today

but many conflicts followed on, tearing thru the ages

all over the planet this cycle of devastation

damages the human beings caught within its nature

devices made for killing have evolved and gained more power

but objectives on the battle field remain the same for soldiers

for those who are here for loved ones this eleventh of November

this poppy on the chest embodies that they are remembered.

Rap version of Tommy with Animation

follow this link to see the full armistice projection


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