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  • by Catherine Mountain

Good luck to The Suffolks - in our Boho Cheltenham - nominated for the 2018 SoGlos Gloucestershire L

If you think that Cheltenham is simply a glamorous Regency town, renowned for The Cheltenham Gold Cup, Pitville Pump Room, the famous Ladies College Gustav Holst’s Birthplace, the cafe culture…oh and PROMENADING - think again ! Believe it my friends, here in Cheltenham, there is most definitely, a BOHEMIAN Quarter….see the video

​​Really? Yes !

Beneath Cheltenham’s well documented formal culture of well-to-do England, there is a small and not insignificant Bohemian space, accessible only by the enlightened, or the intrepid tourist. That space: ’THE SUFFOLKS’.

It’s not Nationally advertised. It doesn’t have a parade. No dignitaries are overtly in attendance and…. It’s hidden from the view of the usual Cheltenham Tourists, (though by location rather than intentionally),. It’s definitely NOT yet on the Cultural Map of England. But it is most definitely on the map of the Bohemian Cheltonian. Well, maybe that's about to change! The Suffolks has just been nominated for the best shopping destination of the year in SoGlos's Gloucestershire Lifestyle Awards 2018. You have until 30th April to vote.

Not only do they have great shops, boutiques and restaurants, it holds a number of tiny street event s where all, without formal invitation, are invited. Just on one Main Street spilling out inconspicuously onto a few tiny side streets, The Suffolks are filled with fascinating local people and artisan finds. Cotswold food and wine (we live in the farming Capital of the UK), crafts, Designers, Arts, Vintage and the popular 'Toe in the Water' pitches, showcasing new entrepreneurs. If you’re not visiting the stalls, there’s independent shops, coffee houses, restaurants, small local Bars, vintage converted cinemas, antique shops for chandeliers.

So what to do when you’ve enjoyed the usual touristic events - the Science Festival… Music Festival…Literature Festival…. Races…. Why not get down with the Bohemia of Cheltenham and during your next bank holiday or festive occasion - please do give a welcome visit to ‘The Suffolks’.

The Suffolks is totally unique and really does deserve to be the no.1 shopping destination.

Article by Catherine Mountain

Evenlode Films and Productions


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