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  • Catherine Mountain - Evenlode Films

JPDL TOMMY Rap - BBC Radio Glos

Commissioned by BBC Radio Gloucestershire, 'Tommy' is a hard hitting rap film produced for the BBC's cover on Remembrance. The hard-hitting lyrics were written by JPDL as part of the Evenlode Films' massive digital arts production to the centenary of WW1.

Filmed in Cheltenham Spa, the rap forms part of a 15 minute animated 2D/3D film, which will be projected onto a building the 10 x the size of an IMAX screen.

Not to be missed, this powerful artistic and impactful visual and light experience will be set to a score by Composer Tim Mountain. location: The Municipal Offices, The Promenade, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire.

Producer and Composer Tim Mountain editing the Tommy Rap by JPDL

JPDL recording his spoken word rap 'TOMMY' #tommyrap with Producer and Composer Tim Mountai

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