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Architectural Projection Mapping Animations with Evenlode Films and Productions

Evenlode Films and Productions are leaders in architectural projection mapping for immersive events. National AV Award Finalists for They are Remembered for the Public Sector Project of the Year, we're used to creating evocative and immersive visual experiences that go viral on social media, reach national TV and bring a massive feel good factor for towns and communities.

Evenlode Films and Productions have worked with Councils, Business Improvement Teams, the NHS, CCG and Commercial Industry to create some of the most groundbreaking events in the UK and produce legacy films and videos. This is why we are a one stop production house. We understand the creative, the technical and most of all, our clients.

We are uniquely skilled at both the creative and the technical and well bring that all together with the expertise of our in-house composer and SFX talent. The work that we do is harmonious and draws from the architecture of the buildings that we project onto.

Each building is uniquely mapped in 3D Animation and before the audience's eyes, they are transformed into something more magical than before. We create the atmosphere and the visual beauty that our clients want to deliver to their clients.

One thing for sure is that our production will get your project noticed. In a positive way. It works really well with Architecture to bring together communities to support developments, engagement events and regeneration projects.

The following video includes some of the event from, 'They are Remembered' and includes the exclusive pre-cursor to the celebration of code breaking in the UK. 101 years of GCHQ is projected onto the Municipal Offices. The video will showcase the blue print, firewall, the enigma machine, Alan Turing. It includes a little humour combining the SAS and Inspector Clouseau to a smooth rap sequence.

Take a look:

Here's an extract from the many architectural projections for the NHS and CCG

Extract from They are Remembered

Virus - projected onto Architecture in 3D

Poppy Animation

Projection mapping is ideally suited to Town Regeneration Projects and Community Engagement.

Evenlode Films and Productions are a one stop video production agency and animation studio. All our work is original and used for commercial and public sectors. We work with Marketing companies and Marketing Strategies to produce the best for your organisation.

For more information about Evenlode Films and Productions, contact our studios on 01242 317804 or visit our home page on

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Evenlode Films and Productions are a Multi-media Events and Video Production Company offering a complete service from concept to delivery.  We provide all visual content, animation, video production, motion graphics, technical infrastructure, music and sound design to help your brand, business or service to really stand out from the media jungle.



MINELAB INTERNATIONAL:  Julian Sammon - European Business Development Manager 

Having worked with Tim, Catherine and their team over the past 3 years I couldn't recommend them highly enough. This year's product launch conception, planning and execution at the Detectival outdoor event went beyond the scope of the brief and they provided additional ideas for content and creating an experience around the event that was well received and brilliantly executed. They really think about how much can be gained from the investment that is made in time and money by their clients and work as hard as they can to deliver the optimum. Looking forward to working with them again in the future. (see more reviews)