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  • Catherine Mountain

The Three Ghosts - Christmas Lights Cheltenham

Ho ho ho ! or should we say Ooooo, Ooooo, Ooooo for 'THE THREE GHOSTS'. What a FABULOUS Christmas Lights Switch on Show we created and produced for Cheltenham BID this year. Were you getting on down with Lady G, smooth Mr P or the super cool Spectre C? The Ghosts of Christmas Past, Present and Future in a totally new and original adaption of A Christmas Carol.

Join in with the Three Ghosts as they rap with Mr Scrooge and the fantastic Youth Choir singing, 'This is Christmas' . Hit the play arrow, then scroll down to see the lyrics and sing along with the chorus.

Music written and composed by our Director Tim Mountain and Dave Jean-Pierre of Evenlode Films and Productions.

Teaser iphone footage from the show in the next video link .... we're currently editing the footage which will be out very soon.

The Three Ghosts 'This is Christmas'

LADY G - Christmas past

It was turbulent heart break, but a very long time ago

Why would you let it dull the light within your glow

Scrooge you are the brightest spark that anyone could choose to know

And now your heart is colder than those falling flakes of snow

A life time has passed since those seeds were sewn

Can’t recognise the person that blossomed from the sorrow

Events transpired, an evolution followed


A domino effect left me swallowed by the shadows

Lady G

Opened up the curtains staring in a solo show

A leading role in centre stage up there on your own

Looking at your past self through a frosted window


The journey back to that wealth is so far from a stones throw

Lady G

Awareness of your former strength that this vision bestows

May be hard reflecting on but do not loose your hope

The path in life we choose to tread is not a one way road

It’s up to you to pick the way you travel in tomorrow


Just tell me is it too late for me to take control?

Be the former man I was, pick up my moral code


Well that’s up to you my friend if you desire to grow

First you must listen to truths from two more ghosts…

Mr P - Christmas present

You have so much more than most and that is plain to see

Enormous house, expensive car, jetting overseas

More than you could ever spend for as as long as you breathe

Enough to never work a day! A vast amount of money

But looking at your wealth and status something came to me

What are these possessions worth if your truly unhappy?

No one there to share it with, this life is not care free


Suffering with aching heart though comfortable financially

Mr P

All the jewels within this world won’t stop you feeling lonely

Trinkets made of gold and gems could never keep you company

You can’t buy the piece that’s missing if we’re speaking honestly


I crave the warmth of other souls, I totally agree

Mr P

Ebenezer Scrooge the man who can’t forget what could have been

He paid the fee to own it all yet he’s still feeling empty

Yes your old and grey but if your willing possibility

To make a change then change itself could buy into this story


I cant turn the pages back! My history is sealed

Tell me is it to late? What have you foreseen?

Mr P

I can’t tell you that my friend but instead I’ll steer

You to a vision of your future from the other ghost that’s here…


Whistling at the window hear the freezing winds of truth

I don’t really have to tell you how this could end up for you

Past and present paint a picture of their point of view

And through the coming years the loneliness just grew

Climbing like it’s ivy over all of your pursuits

It’s rare to ever hear the words Ebenezer Scrooge

Except to say “that rich man that no one really knew”-

Lady G

But ninety nine percent of times the name is met with “who”-

Mr P

A cold shade of blue forever summing up the mood

A solitary gilded cage would be an overview

But the futures yours to live in any way you choose

So if you were to change your ways, tell us what you’d do


What, you mean it’s not to late and I could start anew?


You can’t live again my friend but your times far from through


Well in that case I’ll implement these changes overdue


You can change whats coming up in any way your wanting to


First off I must reconnect with family and friends

Tell them that my longing for them truly knows no end

Plan a feast for every one that’s wanting to attend

Rebuilding the bridges that I burned and try to make amends

Tell everyone they’re welcome in with olive branch extended

Show them that this transformation in me is authentic

Spend my money meaningfully, buy myself contentment

By bringing all together making sure they feel excepted

Remembering the meaning that this seasons representing

Spending time with one another, nothing that’s expensive

Yes I’ll buy the presents but that’s just a tiny segment

Of what it takes to create Christmas cheer that is so splendid

In reality I see it’s family and friendship

It’s the love we share around the table.. pure affection

That makes this holiday so joyful and truly tremendous

The message is enjoy your company this merry Christmas!


This time of the year think

Of the hungry and homeless

Good will to all Kin

This is Christmas

Giving and Friendship

Family’s left with

Moments to cherish

This is Christmas

The Three Ghosts is an Original Production by Evenlode


Director: Tim Mountain

Producer and Script Writer: Catherine Mountain

Composers: Tim Mountain, Dave Jean-Pierre

Voice Overs: Dave Jean-Pierre, Ally Bennett

Presenters: Dominic Cotter, Nicky Price BBC Radio Gloucestershire

Choir Director: Rachael Bowen

Choir: Cheltenham Youth Choir

Father Christmas: Father Christmas

Sponsors: Cheltenham BID


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