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Cheltenham Remembers: WW1

ANNOUNCEMENT ! Digital Arts Animation by Evenlode Evenlode Films and Productions - OFFIAL VIDEO - Cheltenham Remembers WW1

We are thrilled to announce our incredible 50 meter digital arts animation (10 x bigger than an IMAX !) which will be projected onto the magnificent Municipal Offices in Cheltenham Promenade, bringing it spectacularly to life on Armistice Day

Working with our Evenlode Productions Team, this will be a visual, light and sound spectacle, of the likes never seen before in Cheltenham or in the UK! All totally original work by Evenlode Films, we will also be joined by our special friend - child star actor, Mark Lester and actors from the Everyman Theatre.


The film and animation has been set to an original score of music and sounds written and produced by our own local Composer Tim Mountain. To reach the young and old alike, we have a powerful rap sequence by JPDL composed and produced by Tim (listen here).


Projections of this scale are totally awe-inspiring and something truly not to be missed !

Cheltenham Remembers by Evenlode Films

Here at Evenlode, we have a great production team with some of the best digital animators in the UK It's all very exciting! It is going to be groundbreaking. We're not just mapping the building, we are bringing it to life!

Music composed and produced by Composer Tim Mountain available via this link and ranging from the big Hollywood Blockbuster to a rap by JPDL (Tommy), includes:

1. My Men

2. The Language of War

3. Willing Hands

4. The last Toll

5. Tommy

6. Ascension

Whether it's film or productions, here at Evenlode …we make it happen.

Links to articles:

Cheltenham Borough Council:

Visit Cheltenham

The Everyman Theatre, and Cheltenham BID

Cheltenham BID are "proud to be supporting this event" with Evenlode Productions and Evenlode Films


Call Evenlode 01242 317804 / 07885 200424 / 07867 988891

Email Evenlode info@evenlode

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More about the score

The music has been written and produced by Tim Mountain. Ranging from the big Hollywood blockbuster, to Rap with spoken word artist JPDL and Contemporary Classical, with string quartet and piano. Together with the sound design, this will be something out of the ordinary

Article by Catherine Mountain

Evenlode Films and Productions

Catherine Mountain, Evenlode Productions and Films

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