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  • Catherine Mountain

AV Award Finalists - "They Are Remembered"

Our Projection 'They Are Remembered' was shortlisted to one of the finalists for the National AV Awards 2019. This was a ground-breaking event and used 2D, 3D animation and projection mapping onto the Municipal Offices in Cheltenham. The size of 10 IMAX, it drew in crowds in their thousands and reached National TV and went viral on many social media platforms.


For those of you who saw this spectacular event, Evenlode Films and Productions are working on a new digital and immersive experience - Breaking the Code - Binary 101. This is to celebrate 101 years of GCHQ and codebreaking. This is sponsored by the Cheltenham Borough Council who are looking for funding. We aim to make a huge difference in our town, so please do get in touch if you'd like to be a sponsor for this event. It will be momentous.


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